• Our artist Luis Moreno will host the next Behance Review!

    ARTIST UPDATE - October 30, 2013

    Our artist Luis Moreno, also known as Luchenticius, will be the host of the next Behance Review in Bogotá, Colombia, the next November 5! He will be exhibit his work alongside a lecture about his artistic career. Congratulations mate! Click here for more info!

  • HM13.5: Halloween!

    RELEASES - October 22, 2013

    The international artistic collective Hysterical Minds is proud to present their first wallpaper exhibition! We are delighted to show you a collection of Halloween themed inspired wallpapers (and music!) for all your spooky needs on all Hallow's Eve! This mini-pack features all kind of aesthetical and conceptual approaches to the dark ideas surrounding the night of the dead, and it has also been done in a record time: Published just one month after our massive release "They are among Us"! If you are wearing something this special night... Why shouldn't your computer, tablet or phone? Gift them with any of our creepy shiny new jackets and get the party started! View Pack!

  • Andrea Meléndez will be on Expo Foto 2013

    EXHIBITIONS - October 1, 2013

    Our artist and photographer Andrea Meléndez will be exhibit at Expo Foto 2013, in Costa Rica, with her piece "In memoriam", featured in our release "Twisted Essence". From here, our most sincere congratulations, Andrea! You have more info on


    RELEASES - September 18, 2013

    The international artistic collective Hysterical Minds presents "They are among us", their 13th exhibition in their third year of existence. Even if we do not consider ourselves to be superstitious at all, we have aimed to bring an alienated, voyeurism look and feel to this show. The theme, chosen by the very own artists of the collective, is a sum of all those things and concepts that are surrounding us in different ways. Even if the main idea might do a direct reference to other life forms or energies, we have been working to bring a wide spectrum of interpretations, from the most obvious ones (aliens, ghosts or fantasy beings), current affairs in society and politics and even the most abstract and emotional takes on the concept. Without a doubt, "They are among us" is an open and eclectic collection of artworks that are based in a common path, showing that taking a sentence that will try to shot to the obvious, an immense ocean of interpretations about the fears and longing of the human being can be risen. VIEW EXHIBITION!

  • 'The Story of the Creative' exhibiton in New York

    EXHIBITIONS - July 13, 2013

    Our managers Liransz and Aégis and our artist Martin Blanco have been selected for the exhibition "The Story of the Creative" in New York City, from July 25th to September 10th! Congratulations! This collection of work will feature a diverse range of mediums, styles, influences, and inspirations. The work displayed will include sculpture and works on paper in one of the most exquisite venues in New York City. For more information click on this link.

  • 1st Psychology & Art conference

    EXHIBITIONS - May 23, 2013

    Our Art Director , Aegis , with the collaboration of the Universidad a Distancia de Madrid ( UDIMA ) , presents " I Psychology & Art meeting " it will be developed both May 31 and June 1st at Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF) de Madrid. Some roundtable discussions , and a great expo of more than 30 works from Aegis will lead into the main theme of the meeting, ¿ How the way the artist works links with his personality ?. For more info check out Aegis`s page

  • Liransz & Hysterical Minds in "Der Bildbearbeiter" magazine

    PRESS - May 5, 2013

    The latest release of the German magazine "Der Bildbearbeiter" features a wonderful article about the colective. Our artist Liransz is also interviewed. Included in the article are severak wiorks from our artists, such as "Betrayal" by Mario Sanchez Nevado , Swordwoman by Arkiniano , Gorgona by Marcela Bolivar and the collaborative work Mirage Cover.

  • Mirage has been released!

    ACTIVITY - March 23, 2013

    "Mirage" is available NOW! More than 100 artworks of the best artworks released by the collective. Available in both paper&digital versions... Don't miss out this milestone!