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on October 15, 2011

Histerical Minds Tournament - Speed Painting World Championship



Speed Painting World Championship
Digital painters from around the world will contest for the Speed Painting World Champion title in this Hysterical Minds’ tournament. Any contestant from any country and language will be welcome. 
To take part just send an e-mail to  with the subject “SPWC”, letting us know you want to take part and your details: name, e-mail address, nationality and portfolio, and time frame (expressed in GMT time) when they are available to compete. 
Contestants will be grouped in couples, a date and time will be agreed and will compete against each other so one of them will be eliminated as the other one goes through to the next round.  Fights will be one hour long, before which a subject  will be asigned for them to produce a painting in any way they choose. 
These competitions will take place through Livestreaming and amissions from both contestants will be reproduced simultaneously in an activity page (as this one), created to that effect, in other to make an easier  judgement as to who the winner is.  
Once the introductory round finishes, a second classificatory one will begin, or quarter finals, semifinals and final, after which the winner wil get a champion belt (this is a matter of prestige rather than money) an icon that only champions and ex-champions recognised in the official list will be allowed to use and exhibit it in any portfolio, webpage or blog, as a prize in recognition for the talent of the chapiom.
In the introductory round the decision will be made by a designated jury, and in following rounds it will be made by popular vote. In both cases the assessing criteria will be: 
- composition
- colour
- morphology (shape reliability, or drawing, as many paint stains rather than draw)
- concept
- finishing
- if finished in time
The first contestants are:
Fights and schedule:
1st Death match - Acollado vs Cano -
2nd Death match - Oscuro vs Draught -
3rd Death match - Dumaker vs Patxinaki -
4th Deathmatch - Tomas Diaz vs VZ -
5th Death match - Jc barquet vs Raynner gil -
6th Death match - Liransz vs Not1me -
7th Deathmatch - Rodney Gee vs Guille Mendoza -
Participation is closed until the next championship edition.