Posted by Jcbarquet
on August 8, 2012

News from the Euskal Encounter in Bilbao



At the end of last month, the members of HystericalMinds were invited to participate in several activities which took place at the Euskal Encounter, a large computer event that was held in several of the pavilions of the Bilbao Exhibition Center, with more than 5000 participants and 8000 visitors attending.

All visitors enjoyed from the first to the last day a physical exhibition with twenty-five works from various artists of our collective. Due to the exhibition's strategic location, which sorrounded the public conference area, it had widespread diffusion both amongst the visiting public and through the media (tv, radio and written press). 


On the other hand, due to a problem in the event's logistics we had to unify all three activities which had been originally planned to be held independently on Friday (one conference and two live painting demos) . The result was a two hour conference by Martin de Diego Sádaba in which he talked about Hysterical Minds and the world of online art collectives. Meanwhile our artists Dumaker and J.C.Barquet (the former located in Castilla la Mancha, Spain and the latter in Mexico City) broadcasted a live speedpainting deathmatch, in which they had to improvise a one hour painting based on a sci-fi theme.

At the same time, several members of the collective and other participants were painting both digitally and traditionally; some with the purpose of demonstration and others who simply got carried away by the creative spirit of the situation.







On Saturday, Martin de Diego Sádaba and Urih Pt2, representing HM, were judges in the picture, animation and videogame categories of some competitions which took place at the Euskal Encounter.

In sum, the event was a succesful one on many different levels for our collective, so we will keep an eye for future editions and we will try to promote graphic content for this type of events. 

We would like to thank our artists for their participation, both those whose works were showcased and the ones that were present.