Posted by Jcbarquet
on July 26, 2012

Our artists Liran Szeiman, Mario S. Nevado and Marcela Bolívar in Exposé 10!


Our artists Liran Szeiman, Mario S. Nevado and Marcela Bolívar have been featured in the tenth edition of Exposé, by Ballistic Publishing, considered one of the most important annuals and a big reference in terms to digital art and illustration. In addition, some of the pieces were created specifically as part of HystericalMinds' projects.


Liran Szeiman's featured piece, Rapto, was first released as part of HM8: Shadowness.


Marcela Bolívar's Disolución from HM9: Twisted Essence also appears in the annual under the surreal art section.


Mario S. Nevado had an important recognition: not only were five of his artworks selected to be showcased in the book, but he was also awarded the  Master Award in the Abstract & Design category for his piece Discovery from our seventh expression, HM7: Freedom. Another of his featured pieces, Trust in me, was also part of  HM9: Twisted Essence.

Read a short interview with Mario and meet the Master Awarded artists here.



Congratulations to all three of them! Needless to say this is not only an outstanding achievement at a personal level, but also for HystericalMinds as a whole. 

Purchase the book and find out more about Exposé 10 here.