• Hysterical Minds is an international artistic collective characterized for containing only spanish speaking members. The group is formed by more than a hundred multidisciplinary artists from more than 15 countries.
  • The collective was funded on the middle of 2009 as a humble group of young artists and designers with deep artistic aspirations. Soon, this started to enlarge and to include emerging artists and it became one of the reference points (mainly of digital medias) coming from spanish speaking countries, since it was, and still is, the only spanish speaking art on-line collective out there, created with the purpose of taking in artists that weren't able to enter in other collectives because of the language problem. Soon, this ceased to be a problem and other artists and illustrators of international prestige started to fill the rows of the group.
  • The main activity of the collective is the release of “art packs” between certain periods of time (usually from three to five months). With these works the plan is to join the different styles and medias that each member has, to focus them into a specific theme, in which the artists has to fit to a series of conditions (usually conceptual rules, sometimes, compositive ones) as they share the creative process of their artworks (remaining those as unreleased until the final art pack sees the light) with the rest of members, creating a feedback chain this way that feeds the collective and enhaces the submitted pieces. What we want is to show the wide range of interpretations that a single idea might have, and how it can be represented from the point of view of a photographer or a musician, no matter the medium.
  • As years go by, Hysterical Minds has strenghten and nowadays it has a large schedule of parallel projects from the releases of the art packs, like for example, printed editorial projects (like our book “Retrospectiva”), physical exhibitions (Parallax Art Fair London, XX Euskal Encounter Bilbao) or speed painting deathmatches. We do this to promote ourselves and to take a seat in the world of art and illustration, because we think that we will go further if we remain united!

We would like to thank our affiliates because of their support and help that they had bringed us in these days that we are trying to grow the most we can: